More Than Just A Calculator

I am sure you are all aware of the stereotypical accountant, the one portrayed as the uptight, few social skills and the extreme focus on numbers in movies or TV shows. We as accountants are responsible for much more than the crunch time of numbers and strive to provide above and beyond services.

Personable, Friendly and Focused:

It is a must for accountants to be able to work well with co-workers, business partners, clients, and shareholders. Accountants proactively support their clients and the organizations they work with, whether it is with specific goals or ideas that need an accountant’s expertise.


The accounting world continues to change, introducing accounting principles, tax laws and technology to accountants who are required to expand their knowledge. In order to stay afloat and provide clients the best expertise, accountants attend conferences, continue education course and adapt to new technology, which involves advances in tax software and cyber security challenges.


Accountants are ethically bound to keep the information they deal with secure, with salary information to social security numbers; accountants deal with a lot of information that is confidential in nature. Once accountants develop a good reputation, they are able to succeed with being trusted with a higher demand with business.


The responsibility of being deadline-driven is evident with tax due dates, financial statement deadlines, or closing year-ends. In order to stay on top of all the data that is given to us as accountants we must exceed in organizational skills and conscientiousness. Although good accountants do their best to make sure no mistakes are made, we are not perfect, but a great accountant will know when to own up to their mistakes and work diligently to make sure they do not happen frequently.


Being a creative accountant is a huge impact on how we are able to come up with fresh ideas and strategies to solve dilemmas on which we come across. A good accountant knows how to approach creative ways to test controls, audit financial statements and use information to make creative and better decisions.

Great Under Pressure:

There will be a time where deadlines will be apparent as well as clients who need an answer immediately. Accounts know how to approach the situation and work under pressure, whether that is juggling multiple projects, clients, budgets, and deadlines without becoming lazy. The accounting profession involves several more things than crunching numbers. Accountants rise to demands that go far beyond the figures and their job description.


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